Taek Ho Kwon



 School of Business

 College of Economics and management

 Chungnam National University

 Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-765, Korea

 tel : 82-42-821-5533

 e-mail : thk5556@cnu.ac.kr



Areas of Interest 

Teaching: Finance

Research: Corporate Diversification; Foreign Exchange risk management; Derivatives Markets;

                Foreign Direct Investment; Retirement Planning; Behavioral Finance;




Ph.D. Business, Seoul National University(1992-1995)

M.A. Business, Seoul National University(1987-1989)

B.A. Business, Chungnam National University(1979-1986)



Academic Positions

Professor, Department of Business, Chungnam National University, 2009-present.

Professor, Division of International Trade, Chonnam National University, 2006-2009.

Visiting Scholar, Bowling Green State Univ. OH. USA, 2002-2003.

Associate Professor, Department of Trade, Yosu National University, 1995-2006.



Other Experiences

Associate Editor, Korean Journal of Financial Studies; The Korean Journal of Financial Management; International Business Journal;Korean Management Review 

Review Board of National Research Foundation of Korea, 2010-present.

Associate Editor, Korean Journal of Financial Studies, 2009-present

Associate Editor, Korean Journal of Financial Management, 2009-present



Academic Honors and Awards

MBAA International McGraw-Hill Distinguished Paper Award for Academy of Finance

Best Reviewer Award, Korean Academic of Business Administration, 2015

Best Paper Award, Korean Academy of International Business Management, 2014

Best Paper Award, Korean Academy of International Business, 2014

Best Paper in Humanities and Social Science over the Past 10 Years, Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2012.

Nam-Gok Best Paper Award, Korean Financial Management Association, 2011.

Best Research Award, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 2010.

Asian Financial Market Paper Award, Korea-America Finance Association 2009.

Best Paper Award, Korea Academy of International Business, 2007.